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As health insurance agents, it is a somewhat nerve-wracking time for us and our industry.  With the implementation of Health Care Reform and the entrance of navigators and other consumer assistance personnel into the world of health insurance, what will our role be?

Lower Insurance Premiums and Increased Health Coverage

An article out today by Employee Benefits Advisor is reminding us of why we do what we do.  It points to a study out of the University of Minnesota’s Division of Health Policy and Management which shows that small business are more likely to have employee health benefit plans AND are more likely to have lower insurance premiums in areas where broker competition is higher.  What does this mean?  Health insurance brokers now have proof that they can help small business owners get set up with a health insurance plan and get them more competitive rates than if they do it on their own.  Best part of all this?  We can do this at no cost to the small business owner.

Help Navigating the Health Insurance Marketplace

With Health Care Reform, there will be much more transparency in the process of obtaining health insurance for you and your employees.  This is a welcome change.   However, brokers are still going to be a part of this process (at least Kennon Insurance is!) and we can continue to assist you in ensuring that you are making the best and most cost-effective choice for your company.   Our help in navigating the new Marketplace is again at no additional cost to you.  With all of this change come a lot of new decisions, benefits and challenges for the small employer.  We look forward to helping you get through the transition as easily as possible!


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